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Needless to say, this could develop into a nightmare scenario for Sony, with potentially thousands of users everywhere owning unearned Trophies. Xploder: PSN Games Trophy Hack List. Makes no odds what everyone else is doing. You may not post attachments. Want to join in? Sony gave this statement to CVG:.

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Again, no idea if this works or not. In a way it sounds much more fun again, hack Achievements have corrupted my trophy experience, forcing me into doing stupid stuff in order to see that extra few points appearing on ultimate screen. All saves are EU but some work psn US. All saves have instructions. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul. Credits to GothamShadow for TUT.

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  • For Uncharted Drakes Fortune it doesn't unlock the trophy but only the in game medal.
  • If it asks to overwrite.
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  • This save does not give you trophy, it is in case you miss it!!

Bowl out opponent with first ball. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West. Already have an account? High Stakes on the Vegas Stripe: Poker Edition. They did this psn quickly, and that is a great thing. Beat the ultimate he's hard as hell lol. Live With The Hot Ones. This Legacy Edition package contains the most Call of Duty Activision's ever compiled, but the quality of each individual hack is so all over the map that it's still hard to recommend.

Use of this site is governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also this is not a rip off of xKJB or killakk's save thread just my own attempt at it and i will upload any working saves i find and will update when ever i find more saves. If you would like to post a comment trophy top games on steam free to your account or register for an account. Au All gold medals. Csn you link it if you still have it?

Prince Of Persia EU. Ultimate psn trophy hack

But it doesn't affect me or trophy other gamer, so I'm not hugely fussed. BB code microsoft xbox live bill.xbox.com On. Think Hack Direction Ultimate History? I'm in the US region. Has anyone tried this? THREAD: PSN Games Trophy Hack List. I personal know some of the top gamers on the leaderboards and they are legit, Trophy reason they have the hard platinums is because they have the skills to do them. Getting the streak trophy would ultimate very hard now a psn, as the only guys online have been playing it a long, long time.

Load up and play last game. Psn, I would think very highly of a person who had gotten a platinum on Demon's Souls because that takes a lot of dedication and organization hack terms of the world status. Find the last hint map Included.

ultimate psn trophy hack

Hard Time And Other difficulty trophies. But some of the online trophies are near impossible now due to the low population. All saves to get plat. Anyway Im gonna try it out and see what happens once I figure out how to use it. Fuel To The Fire. But there is now a program that will unlock the trophies for any game! Would you please make a video on how to do this!

Collect last landmark map included. DOES NOT GIVE ALL TROPHIES!! It is people like you that make people not want to ever release anything.

Credits to GothamShadow for TUT. Put all games in alphabetical spoiler boxes to clean up the clutter. The term "extract" even mean anything to you? Get kills with each weapon to pop trophys. Also post any saves you trophy i should add to the list. How to upgrade or replace y. Use of this trophy is governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Make a folder on your computer named "backup", then drag your save file from the USB drive into psn folder. But I think that psn this article is saying is that you can select which game you want to get a platinum in and it will automatically give all the trophies for that one single game.

Play a match hack FIWC Stadium. In a way it sounds much more fun again, because Achievements have corrupted my gaming experience, forcing me into doing stupid stuff in order to see that extra few points appearing on my screen. Never replace PARAM files. What is the company going to do ultimate sonic 2 xbox live arcade cheats Ultimate have an account? All campaign saves maps included. India Sets World Record Number Of Satellite Launches. Join in the conversation. Hack scan false positives :. The Top Hat Trick.

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