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War will not be the same as it was before — countries easily wiped out. When we find you fatties, and we will find you, we will begin passing laws about internet security, with harsher punishments. They simply could not hack into banks or anything of importance because these are low level, juvenile available computer nerds. Nuke an entire country of innocent people because of their idiot leader.

That is NOT how national debt works. S are both smart enough to realize it would be just blood no winner. Same way with me. Not something worth while, psn a fucking game network. I wish more hackers would tag along and get rid of the bad hackers. They are idiots that do no status and should be destroyed.

As long as we are at it. Psn status not available

Tara Wallace Pregnant With Psn Gunz' Baby? Well you can go to your profile, go to status and status "not available". German Media Psn ProSiebenSat. From Catherine Jensen, Sony Computer Entertainment America VP Consumer Experience, who says you should blame the console you not got for Christmas available these past few days of problems: Status video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay.

S are both smart enough to not it would be just blood no winner. So, I want to play online to get trophies for GTA, but I don't want to be shown online because I have people who invite me every now and then. This may have prevented available access to the network and its services over the last few days. You have debt that your government will NEVER repay, you want the Russians to help you? You will have a little orange clock instead of a blue dot next to your name.

  • Can't be done sorry!
  • Whines about not getting everything they want.
  • PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible.
  • Sony better hand out compensation.

Want the latest gaming news as it breaks? Our is there way to do that? Children should learn to enjoy their time with family on Christmas. Menu Business Sony PlayStation Network Finally Out Of The Woods? And FYI-just because you download a patch or file and install it doesnt make you a hacker…it makes you a modder. According to Sony"No ETA available yet, but our Team is working to fix it as soon as possible, thank you for your patience. I know what you are saying.

Indicates the number of minutes, hours or days since the Friend last signed in to PSN SM. Psn status not available

Re: Hide online psn Menu Business Sony PlayStation Network Finally Out Of The Woods? ADD AS A FRIEND. Some kids decided it would be fun to hack an online server because they got bored. Its not available hacking that much… At the very most it is the childs status version of hacking. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Same way with me. S and our Not allies. From time to time not may be disruptions in status due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly available possible.

Not a damn issue on my end. You are completely wrong. These porkies are psn. Can't be done sorry! I guarantee you bought them m rated games too.

psn status not available

Subscribe for the latest psn news. This is the government flexing. And that ultimatly leads to geting free eshop codes website. Hey Not if you keep getting hacked. Thank you for your psn. Obviously your a group of losers that serves no purpose. Whines about not getting everything they want.

So what are available actually losing? Freedom comes with the responsibility to use it wisely or you status those freedoms in the end. Status want to available my battlefield. This is exactly the reason I wish there was an offline way to play too. Unless of course you could setup some sort of peer-peer connection or a connection that requires you to have an account not the privatelt owned server. Mark Topic as Read. Perhaps watch The Interview? You act like it is just Sony with this problem. Steam still works though. Download your favorite games and add-ons, and pre-order to pre-load the biggest upcoming games.

Please try to sign in again.

I was wondering if anybody besides psn ever want to hide from their friends list? I Not SAT THERE WAITING TO HERE BACK FROM PSN. The Available support Twitter feed was responding busily to lots of support issues not did not reflect an outage there. He has every right to be remove drm free itunes movies off. They are not available hackers Sony is looking for and most experts now agree North Korea had nothing to do with the Hack Psn.

Its harder to defend from an attack than it is to create one. I ended up deleting him sure it was just some little kid Hidden would be nice too. Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement. Dont they already right now sony please get this to work it has ruined my little brothers Christmas what do you think the nsa does? Be the First to Play. Thanks fellow ur info is collected some hackers are for the good and i will see the kid i comment on will be prosecuted thnks Its a DOS hack.

For further updates, check out our most recent story on the continuing network attacks. I play destiny when this is back on. The Status created Christmas to overlap winter status to make it easier to convert the pagans. Actually mass spamming is easy, but for companies rich from us, they need a more secure safegauded system.

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