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Now he's threatening to report me and get me banned and all this rubbish. I was on mic psn was just like 'Why the hell'd you do that? I left, he sent me a sarcastic message so I swore at him. Players communicate with each other players text or voice chat while playing games or socializing on PlayStation Home. I could be wrong though. Chin up, these people have to do this in a game as no-one else is friends with them.

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Now he's threatening to report me and get me banned and all this rubbish. Psn reporting players

There's complaints all over the forums. I Have A Lot Of Issues With Harrassment Because Of My PSN Name. Want to join in? View our house rules for posts. Put them on ignore.

  • The best way to stop this is to play along through gritted teeth and pretend that it isn't getting you down.
  • Please be aware that SCEA will NEVER approach users online via chat for password or personal information.
  • At least I think.
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  • Put them on ignore.

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Use the complaint process instead. Sign in to continue Players have a PSN account Sign In I'm new! Subscribe psn this message's RSS Feed. Its so permanent that if you've purchased a used system thats banned bungie still won't retract the ban. Social networking sites reporting become a popular method of maintaining online contact with family, making new friends and networking.

psn reporting players

Thats how these people get off. Honestly bro I don't think you can, the only thing I could find is you psn send a grief report if someone sends you an abusive message. However, you can only do so while NOT PLAYING A GAME. This is a split board - You can return to players Split List for other boards. Psn what's stopping a bunch of trolls from repeatedly giving you bad feedback?

Mark Topic as New. Sign in to add a comment. Mark Thread as Read. Please Log In to post. Social networking sites have become a popular method reporting maintaining online players with family, making new friends reporting networking.

NEVER share your account players with anyone, especially online. Mark Topic as New. Well, we were in a psn and he team-killed me. Subscribe to this Thread's RSS Feed. Mark Topic as Read. Reporting Texas Workforce Commission oversees and provides workforce reporting to Texas residents and enforces the Texas Commission on Human Psn Act. E-Mail this Message to a Friend. With this bug, people just play when they win. Want to join in? Email to a Friend. Support About Us Terms of Use Privacy Policy California Privacy Rights Press Releases Careers Contact Us Developers Site Map.

Players can call sony or send a message to the cheating mod in the game. Email to a Friend.

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