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Been off and on in Snohomish wa for a week now. It wont even let me link paypal for my visa vanilla I just bought for psn…. The company issued a further notice to PSN customers whose service had been turned on but who still weren't able to access the network:. Update, I have successfully been able to sign in. PSN was down yesterday for me, and is still down today. FFXV save data won't upload. Latest outage, problems and issue reports in Hurst, Tarrant County, Texas:.

Page last updated by. Finally, it started by itself… also checked for update. Nothing on PSN status page, are servers OK for everyone else? AskPlayStation I'm having an error. Please let us know the exact issue that you are experiencing.

AskPlayStation still having trouble with the error codes. Psn down in texas

Servers might be down. Sometimes they take a little while to update. Psn down in UK sucks wanted to do spelunky daily challenge before work! I tried resetting my router, And down some psn it was working perfectly on my PC. AskPlayStation Thank you for the customer support about the login the other day I why is there no. Is it a DDOS attack? PlayStation Texas PSN is an online gaming service for the PlayStation gaming console. What a joke Im in north east ohio right outside of Cleveland and im pissed.

  • Here in Florida the systems for online were very spotty starting late friday night.
  • Once i did that re install it and it should work again.

Same here in MD. Get it figured out boys cause you are about to lose this customer. Page last updated by. What the heck are they thinking. Once again, Psn is down. Its sunday and I cant sign in at all which means no destiny on my day off. Got rid of the One. Im using a credit card that worked in the past, but sony texas will NOT accept the payment method. I am not down to connect to PSN at all right now. Play station is down in northern California again.

Fix this crap already, its been a week! Psn down in texas

Having trouble accessing the forums? All I want is my Let It Die. Do you want a career as a Private Investigator? Neither digital nor disc. Like, for example, go back about four days, a few people are where having trouble. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Can log into my PSN account but not access any online games. FLORIDA Ever since the patch earlier this week, Everybody Everywhere is having problems. They are not new to this, they were around before Xbox. PSN under maintenance in NJ.

AskPlayStation you still haven't figured out how to cancel an incorrectly redeemed voucher and issue a new one? I have verified my paypal account and everything is fine.

psn down in texas

It isnt rrecognizing my email, not even on the website? Down in Westchester County New York! I can't log in, what is the PSN comming to??? PSN Maintenance in the middle of the day. Do you want a career as a Private Investigator? Companion app works if you log in from web browser and not app itself. However, my info is correct.

Finally, it started by itself… also checked for update. Game crashing or lagging? NexusBuscis reported an hour ago. More Stories by Damon.

I already sent you a DM. Best iPhone SE Cases. There is in PEACE I really dont understand this, I mean can we as a people of gaming fanatics enjoy gaming online without any problems or cyber attacks? Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Psn is down again in quebec, canada.

FLORIDA Ever since the patch earlier this week, Everybody Down is having problems. PSN server are offline at USA. AskPlayStation I can't redownload modern free css eshop template remastered what's the problem? I mean prime time SUPERBOWL MADDEN and you have not a shot to continue the texas challenges?

Servers Review Board PSRB and psn Supreme Court of Texas to provide certification. I've tried connecting using wireless and wired. Australia is down too. Get it figured out boys cause you are about to lose psn customer. I have tried alternate DNS servers and have amended my MTU with no texas. PlayStation Store is down for me Chicago, Down.

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