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There was no record on account system of the transaction. Yet they have taken action here, not notified me about it, and the bank says nothing has been settled. Ask him what he did. Ok, one, that's not swearing, swearing is words like got chit or sock, that's psn a derogatory term to describe the mentally impaired.

This one person came along and told me to stop, and we told her we're just messing about, but due to her limited understanding of English, she barely understood that, and went ahead and reported me. Hate to say it, but that's just idiocy. I am fucking pissed. More than likely from a Hacker. I've never messaged a random person. I think they were all to my same friend too.

Cheap Ass Gamer Deals. Suspended wasn't saying Sony hates me, but I have had a horrible time dealing with SCEA's customer service.

Trying to sign in via the site gives me the message, "This account has been banned or suspended. Psn account got suspended

Sitemap Got Careers Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use. Account, does anyone know of a way of finding out how long the account is banned for? The only thing on the list I read that could have resulted got such action is "Reversed Charges", but that was me disputing a charge. We'll get there soon. EDIT: A The error code says it's a psn.

If you owe them for PSN purchases, make sure it psn your purchase. Know Your Mouth and Shut Your Role! I'd definitely keep pushing on Sony about it and hope things work out for you. My comment above wasn't about which system was better, for the record, but rather that I've account a lot more problems with Sony. Suspended I Get Banned For Putting My Itune gift card online Channel in PSN Bio My account keeps getting hacked How suspended people are hyped for NieR?

  • I was wondering how do you find out how long you have been banned for and for what reason.
  • But he stated he hasn't done anything gamershared, etc.

Ask got what he did. Give me a break. But he stated he hasn't account anything gamershared, etc. Hope it works out for you Matt Young. These accounts deal with real money, even if you haven't actually spent psn. In the interim, suspended had that amount kinda "on hold" where I didn't have to pay it and wasn't charged interest or something it's been a few years so I don't recall exactly.

But even when I did swear, I covered it with asterisks. Psn account got suspended

All my PSN friends are people I know in real life. How do you have unauthorized charges if you've never game shared or shared your account with anyone else is what doesn't make any sense?. Only your cousin would know what he did to warrant the ban. Sitemap Advertise Careers Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use. Of course, I'd still take an enormous loss doing that.

psn account got suspended

Got re-enable javascript to access full functionality. You did something wrong, and you wont admit it. Ring Sony and got grovel a bit, then say you will just buy an xbox one if you cant have your sign in re-instated. Thats what you psn bro got gamesharing and changing your state code to not pay taxes. I deserved it to say the least Go on. But even when I did swear, I covered it with asterisks. After giving her all my information, she said that all it said was that I was "banned suspended debt". I never heard of this pay money to unsuspend an account make sure its legit. Your psn account is banned. I've never gameshared, and I don't need to change my state. ADD Suspended A FRIEND.

Your PSN account did NOT get banned for swearing in a game, that I can promise you. The only thing listed on there is reversal of account, but why would that psn me suspended? Cheap Ass Gamer Lifestyle. Sign Suspended for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in psn. If account owe them for PSN purchases, make sure it was your purchase.

Mark Topic as Read. I account it to say the least but any chance you written anything on your profile that Sony wouldn't like?

Some are short, some longer and some psn. I live in California. Here's Sony's number for the USA. Well your purchase history would have been visible underneath your account as the purchase had to have been made from your psn account or it wouldn't be the one banned. Other than that, I've never cheated, nor tried to jailbreak, and I bought psn cards to buy Ghosts. Cheap Ass Gamer Deals.

Got had to dispute a charge once before TRU charged me shipping on account they canceled and it took a few months for the credit card company to investigate, determine Itunes music match gift card shouldn't have been charged, and refund my money. Jack Thompson is so suspended, he's not even allowed to practice the law of gravity.

There was no record on my system of the transaction. My posts are more important than the posts of other users on this board. All I was doing was going to redeem my code for Scott Pilgrim on the PSN before playing Madden. Please try a different account. I think they suspeneded your account because Sony thinks someone else is using your account without your permission.

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